Sticky Note Quote #4


“Life is a journey, so I have my shoes.

Life is a story, so I carry a pen.

Life is a short, so I wear a watch.

Life has an end, but I don’t worry about that.”

   ~Allen R. Kive

I don’t think I’m going to add a commentary to this one (mainly because of lack of time). But when you read this, what meaning do you apply to it and why? I’d love to hear what you guys (and gals 🙂 ) think!

25 thoughts on “Sticky Note Quote #4

    1. Thank you! And thank you for posting you comment I love to hear what other people’s beliefs are and what meaning they can take out of a simple quote! I take the stance that there is more to life after death. I believe each and everyone is here for a purpose and no life is an accident. For that reason, I don’t fear death, recognizing that it isn’t the ultimate end, but while we live our short lives here on earth I choose to live it in a way reflects that. I don’t want to focus on death or fear it, but instead recognize that death is inevitable and live my life to the fullest and fulfill the purpose God has given me. Life is truly a journey and a story! It’s so short though, so I want to make sure mine is purposeful and intentional.

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      1. Great 👍 Allen and yes life is too short and death is a celebration of this life that we come into. We r just taking bodies according to our impressions and what u r doing is very good and so positive and inspiring. It is good to know what u want to do and be more focussed to. God is everywhere and he is everything and keep faith in him. I have written a beautiful poem on A True Friend which is all on the Lord let me know how it is, your comments will be much appreciated.

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  1. Nice post Allen. And good question!
    The shoes signifies that we all have our own walk in life…we have our own shoes and sonare others, hence we cannot judge others base on what we can merely see…as the old adage says, we can’t judge others unless we walk on their shoes…
    The pen signifies to me that we are the author of our own life. Nomatter what the circumstances are, we have the choice on how to respond to what life has to offer so we can’t blame our failures or tragedies to others or to circumstances. If we do, we might as well blame them too for the good stuffs! (Get what I mean? 😉)
    And the watch signifies to me that our time is temporary. We can’t live forever so we might as well make the most of our time here on earth. Live life and not just exist!
    By the way, I have nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog Award. Check out the link. ☺

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    1. What a lovely comment. Glad you were able to draw so much meaning out of it. This is a good summery of what I was thinking when i wrote it, plus some other things that I never even though about. I love how people can read things like this and each walk away with something different. That’s what I love about quotes (and not just mine)! Oh, and thank you so for the nomination! I’m humbled to think you and others have been enjoying my blog so much! It’s very encouraging, especially as a new (very new) blogger.

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      1. Thank you! The ironic thing is I used to hate writing. What changed my opinion was when people started to tell me how much they enjoyed what I wrote. It gave me a reason for writing, and I started to enjoy it. I can’t say I find enjoyment in writing in itself, but instead in the enjoyment others get by reading it!

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      2. Well…you’ll figure what it is that you really want eventually. I didn’t know I could write (and enjoy writing) until after I set some time doing it.

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    1. Thank you! That’s what I love about quotes too! And thanks for the follow! I’m new to blogging so you’re one of the firsts. Your blog looks interesting too, so I’ll have to make sure I check it out later today. 🙂

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      1. I’m fairly new here too. It’s interesting finding many different styles and has been a wonderful source of support and encouragement. I appreciate you having a look at my blog ❤

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  2. It is a very astute observation of life. All I would add is that when life does end that we should be prepared for eternity, because life here might end, but I believe we live on spiritually forever. Where we spend that eternity is up to how well we prepared for it!


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    1. Exactly! So as long as you know where you’re going, there’s no reason to fear death or be worried about it! Although, you’re absolutely right that we should be living our current lives in preparation of the life afterwards.

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