Sticky Note Quote #5

“It’s better to be ignorant than to have knowledge and do nothing with it.”

 ~Allen R. Kive

Humans are on the ever present journey of gaining knowledge. It’s something we crave – something we feel we need. We want to know why, and how, and when… We are constantly learning new things and constantly seeking different means of learning more. We read books, talk to those more knowledgeable than us, watch videos, make observations – all in an attempt to learn more than we already know.

In one way, it’s something we’ve been trained to do. At a young age we are placed in school and for hours a day, we dedicate our time to nothing more than learning new things. First, we learn basic things; things that are essential to our functionality in our current culture. We learn how to read, how to write, how to do basic arithmetic, and then as we get older we start learning more advanced subjects. We learn history, science, economics, and foreign languages.

By the time we get to college, we begin to learn more specific and specialized subjects related to our field to interest. For the most part, everything we learn in our academic pursuits is learned for a purpose. What we learn in college, we will take and apply it to our lives. In many ways, what we learn will determine the success of  both our career and personal life.

However, unless we put to practice what we learn, utilize it in some way or share it with someone else , it is absolutely useless. And not only that, but the time spent attaining that knowledge, is a complete waste as well.

Would you agree with me?

Now consider this. How much time do we spend searching for something new, something inspiring, and something that’s potentially life changing, and then once we find it, say…

“Ok, cool!”

And that’s it…

Stop and think for a moment the last non-fiction book, movie, or article you read or watched. What was it’s message – it’s purpose? Perhaps it was an informative book about how important it is to eat nutritiously and exercise daily. Or perhaps it was a documentary warning about some new legislation that’s trying to be passed in you’re state that could have very harmful side-effects. Or maybe, it was a blog post someone wrote explaining how to live a more stress-free and happy life.

What did you do after learning the new information presented to you. Did you start eating  healthier and exercising (and a couple weeks doesn’t really count)? Or when recognizing the dangers of new legislation that was trying to be passed, did you do anything to stop it? Or when you finished reading the blog post, did you actually do what it recommended and change the way you lived your life?

I think it’s so easy to want to gain more knowledge and learn new things, but not actually apply what we learn.

You could put it this way…

You take the time to gain knowledge, but do you take the time to put it into practice?

Because if not, what makes you different than someone who also doesn’t do so, but simply out of ignorance?

21 thoughts on “Sticky Note Quote #5

  1. Great post! 😊

    “You take the time to gain knowledge, but do you take the time to put it into practice?” <– That is a fantastic point! 🙂 I actually did last week – I researched citrus trees and did what the article suggested to help my whatever-it-is (I didn't expect it to sprout so I didn't label it. Oops.) turn green again. 😂 (Its leaves were turning a putrid shade of yellow; turns out it needs more nitrogen, which I gave it and now a few days later it is already looking greener and it is growing new shoots!) One of the few times I did, haha. XD

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    1. That’s cool about your tree! I have an indoor tree or bush (We were given it, but have no idea what it is 😂). Someone said it looked like some sort of lemon tree or belonged to the citrus family, but after having it for over 15 years we still don’t know what it is. A couple years ago when down in Florida, I saw bushes that looked extremely similar to what we have, but if I remember correctly it had small red berries or fruits of some sort. Ours flowers every few years or so, but doesn’t ever get fruits. So I don’t know. 🙂

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      1. Oh, how exciting! 😀 Isn’t the fact that it is a mystery part of the fun? 🙂
        WOW. 15 years and you still don’t know?! Haha, I had hoped that mine would eventually give me some fruit so I’d know, but wow, 15 years. 😂 Hopefully you get fruit of some sort one day!
        But yours flowers – that’s nice. 🙂 I’ve had mine for three years this year, but it hasn’t given me any flowers yet. However it gave me something else… does yours have thorns? I found out the painful way last year that mine grew thorns. It didn’t have them the first year but at some point (haha, puns…) during year 2, it grew thorns. o_O That really confused me, lol. I’m fairly certain mine is a lemon, an orange, a tangerine, or a clementine, because I remember thinking that I cracked a tooth on something in the “seedless” fruit I was eating and it was a seed. So much for the ad saying it was seedless, haha. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to save the seed and plant it, because how often do you find a seed in a seedless fruit?! XD

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      2. haha! What a great story behind your tree. Yes, when we first got our “tree” it was only a foot or so, now it’s about 4ft tall. The flowers are nothing to speak of though. they don’t even have any pedals. 😄 The closest thing I found to it is this: Just no as “shrubby” and the leaves aren’t jagged on the edges but instead smooth. Other than that the leaves look very much like the 2nd pic down.

        I remember my dad once trying to grow a papaya seed, it actually grew but didn’t survive the winter unfortunately. It got decently big over the summer though.

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      3. Wow! That’s cool. 🙂 I love the story behind your “tree” as well! Aww, haha, but it flowers nonetheless! 😊 That’s a neat plant!
        Aww. But that is really amazing that it grew! 😀 I put mine in a pot (just moved it to a bigger pot), so I can move it in during the winter. The last month or so, that poor thing has been moved a lot because Mother Nature can’t decide if it is winter or spring. 😂

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  2. So inspiring post Allen and yes I am reading lots of books on motivation and also listening to videos of great people who tell us who we are and where are we going and it is not that they do not have an impact on your life but slow and steady doing what they tell us in a positive way it surely helps. So that is what it is. Slow and steady wins the race.

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    1. Yeah, I agree! I think often times we do use the information we learn, but don’t realize it. Much of what we learn probably influences how we live whether realizing it or not. Even if we only remember one phrase of book or nothing but it’s underlining message, we are still getting something out of it, and it most likely will influence or thought process. I just wonder as we bombard ourselves with information, how much of it we really let sink in or remember.

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  3. I’ve just come over from the Meet and Greet. Really like the Sticky Notes theme, and this post underscores the value of making the most use of the information we have, rather than having the most information to try to make use of.

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  4. I agree with you. If we don’t put into practice the lessons we learn in life, regardless of the source, we are cheating ourselves…and the others we might impart our wisdom to. BTW, the last book I read was called “Muscle and a Shovel” by Michael Shank. It’s a great book on denominational religions…”” for more info…


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