Sticky Note Quote #6

DSC_0314“If the key to the future is in the past, then  someone better figure out how to make a time machine so we can go back and get it.”

                                     ~Allen R. Kive


Hello everybody! It feels like forever since I posted last. But I’m still alive (in case anyone was wondering 😊) – just extremely busy. Last week I was vacation with my family, and when I came back I had a bunch of exams waiting for me and almost a hundred blog related emails – Yikes!

So now that I’ve studied for and taken my tests, and have made attempts to catch up on everyone’s blogs, I finally have some time to photograph a new sticky note quote and get it posted!



12 thoughts on “Sticky Note Quote #6

    1. Haha! Unfortunately, I don’t think that would ever happen. Although from what I’ve heard it’s been proven that time can be stretched or slowed down, but not in any significant amount – like .02 secs. They observed that time travels a little slower on the fast traveling international space station, so if your there long enough and come back to earth you’ll be in the future a little bit. Again, we’re talking a small fractions of a sec though. So in one sense, time travel into the future is theoretically possible, but to make it any substantial amount of time you’d have to travel at the speed of light into space and then come back to earth. And I think I can say with certainly that they’ll never create a craft capable of attaining such speed. 😄 So theoretically time travel is possible, but not in practice.

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    1. Thank you and yes. It’s probably the most time consuming part actually. 🙂 For this one I just searched my attic for some props. The top book is actually an old algebra book my mom had, and the print underneath is instructions for a model ship one of my great grandfathers built. I edit my photographs in adobe lightroom, which really helps make the photos “pop”.


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