The Sticky Note Quotes blog is a collection of my random thoughts and contemplations. All of them are ideas that are condensed or small enough to fit on a sticky note. If you were to read a sampling of them, you would find many of them are nothing more than silly thoughts that were simply written to for a chuckle. Others are more serious and something to genuinely ponder.  Whatever the case, they are all written for the enjoyment of its readers.

How it all started:

Sticky Note Quotes began long before the creation of this blog. As thoughts came to me during my times of ponder, I would write them down on sticky notes. I began sharing them with friends and family and always enjoyed their reactions or thoughts about what I wrote. Those I shared them with, encouraged me to start a blog and share them with the “rest of the world”, which includes you! So not so long ago, that’s exactly what I did. My first blog post was the first “sticky note quote” I had written and I’ve continued to post some of my other ones since then.

About me:

My name is Allen R. Kive and like everyone else out there, there are many things that I often ponder about. And even though I would consider myself a busy person, there’s always time for contemplations and reflections. Whether that’s while I’m driving, working, laying in bed, or when I’m suppose to be listening to my professor but they’re a bit too boring that day. Well, maybe that latter one I don’t do very often, *cough*. I also have a love for photography, which is why I take photos of the sticky notes. Who would’ve known photographing sticky notes would be fun! (Actually it’s probably the funnest part of blogging, and yeah, I just said “funnest”). Oh, and did I mention I blog?


Feel free to comment to any of my posts and let me know what you think! Whether you agree or disagree let me know, I always love to hear what others have to say and will try to respond if you have any questions.